Popular combination – Joomla on Linux Web Hosting!

Web Hosting assists you to create a live site in the net and Content Management Systems give customers an easy platform for creation and administration work with the website content. You do not have to bear additional expenses on web design when alterations are made on the website.

Many people r give preference to open source software and operating systems. One of the combinations popular now with webmasters is Joomla on Linux hosting.

Joomla is a free of charge open source Content Management System giving you a powerful interface, which can be easily understood. It is effortless to make changes of the website content, download new images and expand the gallery pages of your products. Joomla! is provided with the following features:

  • Pages are cached for improved performance
  • RSS
  • News Flashes
  • Blogs
  • Polls
  • Web Search feature
  • Language internationalization

These features help website developers design Web 2.0 sites without pain. RSS feeds, Polls, Blogs, web search options and website Internationalization are topical features for interactive websites nowadays and here in Joomla! you have all these features together.

Company providing you with Linux web hosting offers Joomla too like part of their service. Joomla is open source the same way as Linux. It is produced with PHP scripting language. The use MySQL database is made by default. Joomla on Linux hosting gives its users flexibility needed for website management.

Companies providing clients with Linux web hosting usually offer Joomla at no cost. Being a part of hosting services, the choice of the provider with this service included simplifies your website management.
AvaHost.Net offers Auto-Installation of Joomla in the Scripts Package Fantastico

The release of Joomla! 1.5.6 in August 2008  solved many security problems. Popular providers of hosting service even performed  upgrade of  Joomla to let the customers using the service get an access to the most up-to-date technologies.

In case you use Joomla, make its upgrade, or ask your service provider about the upgraded version of the CMS.