Shared web hosting service

Saving money on your website is always a good idea and one of the ways that many people use to save money on web hosting is to use shared web hosting services. With shared web hosting services either one person can have many websites under one account or several people can share web hosting services under one account.

There is one administration account and, usually, website functionality is lacking when it comes to shared web hosting. This is an excellent idea for people looking to save money on a basic website that does not need a lot of development but it does have its drawbacks.

Many web developers always feel the need to be in control of their website and with a shared web hosting service, unless you are the administrative account, you will not have nearly the control that you need. If your website requires extensive development, disk space, or bandwidth then shared website hosting will not work for you either as sharing your website hosting service means you have limited access to everything and that will definitely hinder your ability to develop your site the way you want to. Consider sharing your website hosting service if you are looking for a basic but functional website but reconsider if you know you will require a great deal of development or control over your website.