How to choose the right colour spectrum for your Web-site?

If you really want to create a winning web-site then you should be steadfast with your real image and e-image. It means that it is better to use the same colours, symbols and other impedimenta of your company.

The first thing to do is to select a colour for a background. The most successful variant is a light background and dark font colours. This combination is good for the eyes, and moreover it makes the text more readable.

You should also bother about good quality of a printed text. It must be free of graphics that can prohibit from easy reaging. There is one more note. If your site has a lot of grafics then it will load not very fast. You know that the visitors don’t like it.

It is very important to mark the links with the default colours. The main colours that may be used here are: blue, dark blue, red and purple. Blue one is an earmark of an uncalled link, purple or dark blue - of the link you have called, red usually means an active link.

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