Comparison between WordPress and Joomla

If you are here, then we are guessing you already have an idea about what WordPress and Joomla are. So, let us get directly into helping you choosing the better of the two.
Both these CMS programs are easy to use, install and moderate. They are favorites of millions of people and are used by many renowned companies, universities, bloggers and social networks.
Using either of these programs to make your website is easy and quick. Whether you are a developer or know nothing about building websites, these programs are for all. Below is the comparison between WordPress and Joomla to help decide:

• Developed in 2003 by Matt Mullenwegg.
• Used by over 170 million people worldwide
• Free of cost
• Best for blogging and other websites
• Provides more than 2,000 free themes
• Has more than 27,000 free plugins
• Easy to install
• Takes 5 minutes, approximately, to get installed

• Developed in 2005 from Mambo
• Used by more than 30 million users
• Free of charge
• Best for e-commerce
• Has 900+ free themes
• More than 7,000 free plugins
• Very easy to download and install
• On an average, takes 10-15 minutes to get installed

WordPress is the oldest CMS dominating the market today. Initially it started as a blogging site, but it gradually expanded into a website-making CMS. It is used by millions of people and is widely popular across the world.
Other than being the most popular CMS, here are other benefits:
• Easy to use and Install – Takes less than 5 minutes to get installed. Because it is easy, many well-known companies and websites make use of WordPress services. You can create a website for yourself within less than an hour.
• Customizable – WordPressprovides numerous plugins and themes to make it possible for you to personalize your websites.
• Free – It is a free software, available for download at any point of time. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade your subscriptions to more advanced settings.
Apart from the above mentioned benefits, you can also get a lot of help from fellow users who have experience in using WordPress. Because it is so old and popular, there will always be someone with expertise in some or the other field.

Joomla was introduced in 2005. Though is it newer than WordPress, it is not far behind in popularity. Millions of people make use of this CMS for their corporate websites. Even universities like Harvard use Joomla for their website. It is a very powerful CMS. Not as easy as WordPress, to moderate, Joomla is still very popular amongst the new comers.
More famous for being used in corporate world, Joomla has many other benefits such as:
• Commercial Website and Social Networking – Joomla is used mostly for commercial websites and also for social networking sites. This trait is one of the best features of Joomla. You can have a social networking site, made using Joomla, up and running in only a short time. It is also best known for being used in corporate website
• Not too Technical – Joomla users have said that it is not very complicated to use. A bit advanced than WordPress but easier than other CMS, Joomla has gained many fans.
• Free –Joomla is free to use and easy to install.