Content Management Systems (CMS)

Through CMS (Contentment Management System) the contents of a website can be managed. CMS is made up of two components: CMA (Content Management Application) and CDA (Content Delivery Application). CMS system allows the user or admin to change, modify, search, store and retrieve data related to a website. With the help of CMA an administrator of a website can create, modify, or delete any content from the website without the help of Webmaster. This is only possible if the administrator is proficient in HTML. Through CDA, website data can be stored and used for later, if any, modification.
Primarily there are 4 types of CMS systems, as follows:
1. Web CMS: also known as WCMS. This enables the user to make changes or modifications in the website content, even without the knowledge of HTML. The WCMS is composed of certain templates. The user has to only input the details required for the website into these templates, and publish it on the website. Therefore, WCMS creates the format and content of the website.
2. Enterprise CMS: also known as ECMS. ECMS takes care of the content, records, and other data of the organization, altogether. Through tracking, scanning, storing and compiling, the information of the company are organized. It requires a number of tools, schemes and methods in order to do so.
3. Mobile CMS: MCMS was designed with the idea to meet the growing needs to manage content on mobile devices, tablets and other wirelesses.
4. Component CMS: CCMS is used to keep a track of all the individual components of the website. Data about a single paragraph, an image or graphical representations are indexed in this CMS. is a website that has been around for more than a decade and is serving to the needs of people who either want a professional website or personal website. Check out the benefits of this website below, and decipher for yourself why it is better than the rest.

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