Technical Video Tutorials

CPanel Control Panel Tutorials

Changing the look and feel of cPanel

Change your contact information

Access cPanel from desktop or bookmarks

Subdomains creation and management

Parked domains creation and management

Addon domains creation and management

Add MySQL databases in cPanel

MySQL databases creation and management

Make a specific web page redirect to another page

Change Password for your account

Password Protect a certain part of your site

Generate or import GnuPG Keys

Prevent other websites from directly linking to files on your website

Block a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site

Manage your files with the File Manager

Download a backup zipped copy of site

Access web site through FTP

Easily drag and drop files to your hosting account

Manage Email Accounts with your domain(s)

Send a copy of all mail from one email to another

Autoresponder — message back automatically

Send messages to a large group of people

Protect your inbox from spam


E-MAIL Management

Creating an email account in Outlook Express

Creating an email account in Outlook 2002

Creating an email account in Eudora

Creating an email account in Incredimail

Creating an email account in Pegasus


CMS WordPress Management

How to install WordPress
How to configure your settings in WordPress
How to change your password in WordPress
How to edit your profile in WordPress
How to change your header in WordPres
How to manage categories in WordPress
How to write a new post in WordPress
How to manage users in WordPress
How to manage pages in WordPress
How to manage your plugins in WordPress
How to write a comment in WordPress
How to update your WordPress installation


Website Builder RVSiteBuilder


How to insert «Google Analytic Tracking Code»
How to enter Keyword in Meta Tag for Search Engine?
How to enter Keyword in Title Tag for Search Engine?

Online Forms

Add Paypal Payment Button
Create Advance Form
Create Simple Form
Set up contact email for your form
Create Online Form
Edit Form

DIY Template

Create DIY Template Layout
Edit DIY Template
Header Style
Navigator Color
Body Color and Website Background
Template Customization


Insert Page Layout Template
Create «Shopping Cart» button
Formatting Text
Insert JavaScript Code
Table Border Management
Special Characters
Add List
Text and Image Hyperlink
Edit Image
Resize Image
Search and Replace (Design)
Search and Replace (Source)
Create Counter
Create Table
Bookmark, Hyperlink to content in the same page
Copy data from MS Word or Browser and paste into WYSIWYG
Insert HTML code or Script
Upload Document and Link to it
Upload Image and Image Properties
Add Google Adsense

Media and Documents

Insert Google Video
Insert Youtube Video
Add Media Object
Add large image or media by FTP
Upload MP3
Insert Glitter
Create Flash Banner


Insert Guestbook


Compose Newsletter
Manage Subscribers
Manage Lists


Add Content to the Blog
Create Blog
Insert Images
Edit Content to the Blog
Delete Comment
Configure Plugins


Add Category to the FAQ
Add Content to the FAQ
Edit Content to the FAQ

Photo Album

Photo Album