VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS, also known as VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server) hosting is an ideal solution for users who need more power and flexibility than a shared hosting account can offer, but need a low cost alternative to a Dedicated Server.

Our VPS accounts include full root access for complete control over your hosting environment, giving you the ability to fine-tune your system for peak performance, install custom software and set up custom network services.

We offer multiple VPS hosting plans tailored to suit even your most demanding needs. All VPS hosting accounts are hosted on high performance, reliable, Dual or Quad Xeon servers running the Linux operating system, used OpenVZ virtualization — and are maintained by our team of experienced Linux admins.

Enterprise-Сlass Hardware:
We use only enterprise-class Dual Quad Core Xeon CPU servers. Also the best performance and best reliability hardware
SSD drives RAID-10 storage system, with hot-swap drives to ensure no downtime in the event of a drive failure.

  • VPS1
  • from $6.92 per month*
  • Disk space: 20 Gb
  • Memory RAM: 512 Mb
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • IP-address: 1
  • Domains: Unlimited
  • Control panel: Choose
  • OS: Choose
  • Backup of sites: Daily
  • Money Back 60 Days
  • $
  • VPS2
  • from $11.17 per month*
  • Disk space: 40 Gb
  • Memory RAM: 1024 Mb
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • IP-address: 2
  • Domains: Unlimited
  • Control panel: Choose
  • OS: Choose
  • Backup of sites: Daily
  • Money Back 60 Days
  • $
  • VPS3
  • from $18.83 per month*
  • Disk space: 60 Gb
  • Memory RAM: 1536 Mb
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • IP-address: 2
  • Domains: Unlimited
  • Control panel: Choose
  • OS: Choose
  • Backup of sites: Daily
  • Money Back 60 Days
  • $
  • VPS4
  • from $25.17 per month*
  • Disk space: 80 Gb
  • Memory RAM: 2048 Mb
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • IP-address: 3
  • Domains: Unlimited
  • Control panel: Choose
  • OS: Choose
  • Backup of sites: Daily
  • Money Back 60 Days
  • $
* - specified price per month, if paid hosting for 2 years. Select another payment period, to see the total cost of service.
The longer period of payment - the cheaper cost per month.
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All VPS plans include:

VPS Hosting Benefits:

  • VPS account provides the account owner with dedicated processes,
    users, operating system, files, and provides full root access.
  • VPS account has its own IP addresses, port numbers, tables, filtering and routing rules.
  • VPS account can have its own configuration files for the system and app software.
  • VPS account can delete, add, modify any file, including files in /root, and install
    its own application software or custom configure/modify root application software.

General features :

  • Virtualization — OpenVZ
  • Manager VPS — «Virtualizor»
  • Full SSH Root Access
  • Unlimited domains/sites
  • Developer tools
  • Installation of any your own application
  • Your own DNS servers
  • Free DNS Hosting
  • Dedicated IP
  • Reinstalling of the OS at any time
  • Reboot of your VPS at any time
  • Allowed compile of third-party applications

Operating Systems :

  • icon-debian
  • icon-suse
  • icon-centos
  • icon-ubuntu
  • icon-fedora
  • CentOS 5 Full
  • CentOS 6 Full
  • CentOS 5 + CENTOS WEB PANEL(control panel, free)
  • CentOS 6 + cPanel
    (control panel, +$12 per month)
  • CentOS 6 + ISPManager
    (control panel, +$6 per month)
  • Debian Linux 5
  • Debian Linux 6
  • Fedora Core 15
  • Scientific Linux 6
  • Suse Linux 11.4
  • Ubuntu Linux 10.10
  • Ubuntu Linux 11.04
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.10

Promotion package :

Webmasters tools: Search Engine Submitter, Analyzer, Position cheker.
Articles and links: Promotion, Marketing, Search engine optimization.
Free credit for ads on Yahoo! and Microsoft AdCenter.
Collection of programs for a webmaster.

VPS Technical Support :

Monthly VPS price includes only «Basic Management».
Basic Management includes initial operation system installation (CentOS, Ubuntu etc.),
and initial control panel installation (Virtualizor, CPanel/WHM, ISPmanager etc).
For additional payment ($25 per request, limited to 1 hour)
we can offer Advanced Technical Help of our system administrators to
manage customer’s VPS server.
Advanced Technical Help (rate: $25 per hour) includes such services as:
OS reinstall, Control Panel reinstall, installing of additional modules,
scripts, files etc, upgrade of the system, control panel or modules,
configuration of Firewall or other security systems.
You can order Advanced Technical Help here.

Additional services:

Single domain registration Free
Additional domain registration from $12.95 a year
Discounts for domain registrations 25% for VPS customers
Additional storage space $1/3Gb a month
Additional traffic $1/1Gb
Dedicated IP $29 a year
SSL certificate $49 a year
Control panel CENTOS WEB PANEL free
Control panel CPanel/WHM (demo) $12 a month
Auto-installer of scripts for CPanel (demo) $3 a month
Control panel ISPManager Lite (demo) $6 a month
Control panel ISPManager Pro (demo) $9 a month