Software Licenses

We offer commercial licenses for website development scripts and other software designed to create or maintain internet resources.
(CPanel, ISPManager, Softaculous, Classified Script, Coupon Script, Internet Store etc.)


Commercial scripts for website development:

  • Amazon Affiliate Store Builder – Affiliate Niche Script ( with 30% discount
    With this script you can create your own online store with products from Amazon & eBay and start earning up to 15% sales commisions from Amazon and eBay.
    Online DemoOrder Now – Price: $69 (to get discount please use Promo code: AVAHOST)
  • Your own Press Release Website – Press Release Script ( with 30% discount
    Script allows you to create your own press release website. Your visitors will be able to submit their press releases.
    You will make money from advertising on the site.
    Online Demo Order Now – Price: $53 (Promo code: AVAHOST)
  • Your own Classified Website – Classified Script ( with 30% discount
    The script allows you to create a free classified ads website. Visitors will add their ads to the site, you will earn from advertising or paid ads.
    Online DemoOrder Now – Price: $69 (Promo code: AVAHOST)
  • Your own Coupons Website – Coupon Script ( with 30% discount
    On your website you will provide discount coupons for your visitors and earn affiliate commissions from a listed stores!
    Online DemoOrder Now – Price: $69 (Promo code: AVAHOST)
  • Wonderful SEO and Marketing Software “Market Samurai”.
    Get free 14-day access to “Market Samurai” Software and free access to 4 Brief “How-To” Videos, Sharing How You Can Get More Visitors,
    with Less Effort and free trial access to Traffic-Hunting Software, “Market Samurai”.
    • Find out how to uncover “gold-nugget” keywords – each of these keywords can send hundreds, even thousands of free visitors to your site each day.
    • Stop attracting time-wasting tire-kickers to your web-site, and target the keywords in your market that real buyers are using right now.
    • Discover exactly how to beat the competition, and get front-page rankings in Google for high-traffic keywords in weeks or days – not months or years.

    More info about “Market Samurai”…