George A.

Free hosting – is good … to start with, to try yourself as a webmaster, BUT… free Is NEVER completely free: you’ll either get a huge banner that breaks your design, or you’re required a certain amount of visits, and if you can’t provide what is required, your site gets closed, and in some cases your well established name gets passed on to another client… I’ve looked for a hosting company that suits me for six months!

And I found one!!! It’s They have it all!!!

Inexpensive (not to be confused with cheap!) hosting plans, various payment plans and all the services that a webmaster needs, and the most important thing – a super awesome support service. If I write to them with a problem – I know for sure that they will answer immediately, correctly and with my best interest in mind.

At first, I paid for a month of hosting, but after a couple of answers from their customer support paid for another 2 months in advance and that’s because I didn’t have enough funds to pay for a full year. I plan on paying for a full year because it comes out cheaper than paying monthly and simply because I TRUST THESE GUYS!!!