Types of Web Hosting Services

AvaHost is a web hosting industry that was created in 2001, with an aim of helping individuals, small and medium businesses to thrive [AvaHost.Net]. Avahost offers some of the best services that one can ever come across, which are all impressive and fabulous. No sober human being would ever fail to notice the great services provided here. These services are discussed in depth below as highlighted in www.avahost.net :

• Avahost offers cheap, efficient and satisfactory results in the services. Customers get the products they need in the cheapest possible price, yet the products are the best in class.
• One will only get high quality hardware that has not been faked [original from the real producers], including enterprise-class ‘dual quad core Xeon CPU’ servers. This proves that the company is highly reliable.
• The company has the best ‘hardware Raid-10 storage system’ having hot-swap drives. This ensures that in the event of a drive failure there is no outage duration, which is the time when a system fails to perform its primary function. Thus, the proportion of a time-span that the drive is unavailable is unlikely to be witnessed. The customer will therefore have their work done sufficiently and without such fears.
• AvaHost offers its customers the opportunity to get themselves a free site name, for example easywork.net, easywork.org, and easywork.ke. This allows customers with a tight budget to have their costs reduced and thus start their website easily.
• They have a fairly long duration of money guarantee, which is sixty days. One can get their money returned if they wish to withdraw from the industry within sixty days after they joined, without being questioned. This allows one enough time to study the industry and see whether it suits their standards without worrying about losing their money. Though, most customers that join AvaHost always wish to stay, a few who feels insecure are always free to leave with their money within this duration. It is therefore appealing to many customers who wish to try it out.
• Customers are not limited to a single site in one account. They can have more than that in AvaHost. This means that one person or company can own many domains, which is helpful to them when it comes to advertisements and popularity, since they can reach a larger population. This makes customers feel favored more exclusively in AvaHost, thus prefering it to other web hosting companies in the industry.
• AvaHost offers its customers free online site builders, thus winning the title of being the company that offers the easiest way to start a new site. They have the RVSiteBuilder – an online builder – which is free for all its customers. It enables them to run classic websites at low costs. This feature allows customers to make corrections on their websites, choose from more than a 1000 templates and get many more services free of charge.
• AvaHost uses customer loyalty programs to maintain their customers, by giving the customers free promotion packages containing software, marketing books and many more.