Website builder “RVSiteBuilder”

RVSiteBuilder enables you to create and manage professional grade sites in record time! With RVSiteBuilder you’ll be able to do it yourself!

  • Choose from more than a 1000 themes.
  • Make changes to the site at any time.
  • Step by step creation process.
  • Large variety of plugins and extensions.
  • See the changes that you’ve made instantly.
  • Publish in one click.
  • Save money and time by doing everything yourself!

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Description of main functions:

Key features


Site themes

WYSIWYG editor


Publishing and preview

Key features
  • Unlimited number of pages and categories.
  • Optimization for different screen sizes.
  • Backup of your projects on local storage for safekeeping and site transfer.
  • Editing of images, link styles and header fonts for complete customization of sites visual styles.
  • Ability to insert any third-party code (for example: Adsense, Glitter, etc.).
  • Ability to create pages that are available only to registered users.
  • Ability to create menus with sub-menus up to two levels.
  • Ability to create custom styles for links and texts that can be applied to the whole site or specific pages.
  • Ability to create pop-up messages – if you need to deliver a short message, it’s a lot easier to create a small pop-up dialog box, than making a full separate page.
  • Edit meta-tags (title, description, etc.) for every page.
  • Edit images. Change the size of any image, that you upload, simpply by clicking and dragging its borders.
  • Social networking buttons, like buttons, comments, etc.
  • Ability to change the title for any page.
  • Ability to edit any META tags for better SEO.
  • Ability to change page names in menus.
  • Photo album
    – you can upload multiple images with one archive
    – ability to organize images by categories
    – add image descriptions
    – ability to add your “watermark” to every image
  • Guestbook
  • News feed (banner ads)
    – enables you to publish news articles or ads on your site
  • Email newsletter
    – visitor subscription
  • Blog
    – enables you to publish a blog on your site
  • FAQ
    – create a help section for your visitors
Site themes
  • You get full and unrestricted access to all themes.
  • More than a 1000 themes in 20 categories.
  • Standard html themes with multiple color variations for every theme.
  • Flash website themes.
  • Multiple navigation styles for every theme.
  • Ability to create your own themes.
  • New themes are added each month to the catalog.
  • Easily switch between themes on your site..
WYSIWYG editor
  • Text editing experience is similar to “Word”.
  • Access to image library that can be inserted to your website.
  • Create and edit flash banners.
  • Drag and drop creation of online forms.
  • Visitors counter.
  • Add JS, CSS, PHP to your web pages.
  • Attach documents to your pages.
  • Clone and copy already created pages.
  • A multilingual system that lets you create a website in any language.
  • More than 30 languages for user interfaces.
  • Websites are created with UTF-8 encoding.
Publishing and preview
  • Fast and easy publishing of a ready website.
  • Create “drafts” – for unpublished pages.
  • Choose a page to set as a “Homepage”.
  • User friendly preview for pages that are being edited.
Additional information



Order a hosting account with website builder:

  • Small
  • from $2.90 per month*
  • Disk space: 1 Gb
  • Traffic: 10 Gb
  • Sites in account: 2
  • Sub-domains: 20
  • Imunify Included
  • Backup: Automatic
  • Web site builders
  • Money Back 60 Days
  • Scripts auto-installer
  • $
  • Test 10 days for Free
  • Standard
  • from $4.95 per month*
  • Disk space: 5 Gb
  • Traffic: 50 Gb
  • Sites in account: 5
  • Sub-domains: 50
  • Imunify Included
  • Backup: Automatic
  • Web site builders
  • Money Back 60 Days
  • Scripts auto-installer
  • $
  • Test 10 days for Free
  • Business
  • from $6.92 per month*
  • Disk space: 10 Gb
  • Traffic: 100 Gb
  • Sites in account: 10
  • Sub-domains: 500
  • Imunify Included
  • Backup: Automatic
  • Web site builders
  • Money Back 60 Days
  • Scripts auto-installer
  • $
  • Test 10 days for Free
  • Premium
  • from $8.95 per month*
  • Disk space: 20 Gb
  • Traffic: 200 Gb
  • Sites in account: 20
  • Sub-domains: Unlimited
  • Imunify Included
  • Backup: Automatic
  • Web site builders
  • Money Back 60 Days
  • Scripts auto-installer
  • $
  • Test 10 days for Free


All hosting plans include:

Security :

Free SSL CertificateSSL certificate issued by COMODO RSA – free for all customers! SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitor’s web browser. It provides privacy, critical security for both your websites and your users’ personal information. Your site will be accessed with https:// protocol and your visitors will see a padlock icon displayed in their web browsers.

E-mail capabilities :

Email address with your domain “”, Access your Email through a browser, POP3, SMTP server, E-mail Autoresponder, E-mail forwarding, Mailing Lists, Anti-spam features.

Website builder :

With the help of a website builder you’ll be able to create and develop a professional looking website through your browser, without any technical knowledge.

General features :

  • MySQL DB: Unlimited
  • PHP 5.x-7.x / MySQL
  • CGI-Bin support
  • Perl, Python
  • Zend Optimizer/ IonCube
  • FTP accounts
  • Online File Manager
  • Password protected catalogs
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • website builder
  • Visitors Statistics
  • CPanel control panel (demo)
  • Fast SSD drives
  • Free SSL certificates
  • .htaccess support
  • Cron – task scheduler
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • MIME type Editor
  • Access to Raw Log files
  • Access to Error Logs
  • Sendmail
  • Error page editor
  • GD / cURL Libraries
  • ImageMagick
  • SSH access (upon request, may not be available for all plans)
  • SSL certificate/ static IP (optional)

Popular scripts auto-installer :

Automatically install in 2 clicks – more than 300 popular free scripts. (CMS, Blogs, Stores, Content Management, Forums, Galleries, Feedback forms, Classifieds and much more…

  • script9
  • script6
  • script8
  • script10
  • script7
  • script1
  • script2
  • script3
  • script4
  • script5


Promotion package :

Webmasters tools: Search Engine Submitter, Analyzer, Position cheker.
Articles and links: Promotion, Marketing, Search engine optimization.
Free credit for ads on Yahoo! and Microsoft AdCenter.
Collection of programs for a webmaster.

Additional services:

Single domain registration$19.95
Additional domain registrationfrom $19.95 a year
Additional storage space$8/10Gb a month