I’d like to share my experience with AvaHost.
I prefer to do business with US based companies. I found that even if the offered services are the same, they can afford to lower their prices, which was a key decision making factor. I’ve looked at a large amount of hosting offers from other companies that are based within USA and decided on AvaHost. I wrote them a short letter (at 3 in the morning) with a dumb question (just to check if it was for real) and got my answer after 3 minutes.
We started to write back and forth and I got a feeling that these guys were interested in my business. After my first payment for hosting and domain registration, I’ve waited for 3 hours and received my temporary URL and detailed documentation. My domain was fully configured in 24 hours.
I receive a prompt answer to all my emails any time of the day. My site www.iguanus.com works great and I plan on staying as a customer. The main thing that I like as a customer in AvaHoast is their great service, and that is how these guys do their business. It’s consistent and that’s what sets them apart from the other guys.

Gurgen Tagvoryan

I’d like to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the fast response time from the support staff and their willingness to assist me with my problems. I’ve never really believed all the positive reviews that I read on this site. And now for the first time I wanted to write about the people who work here. You guys are great – keep it up! And once again thank you for your great work!


AvaHost – is exactly what is needed to create and develop complete web solutions for the web. I recommend them to everyone. They have a big selection of hosting plans to choose from (there’s one for everybody), all your hosting needs will be met (PHP, MySQL, Perl, e-mail…), their provided services are easy to use and since my sign up date I have not had any issues. I especially want to point out their customer support services: all the answers to my questions were fast, the domain registration process took way less time than I expected and that’s considering that it happened during the weekend. I guess what I want to say is: they provide good hosting, good customer support – that’s all that a site needs to be successful!

Paul T.

What surprised me was how good the Support staff is and the speed with which my issue was handled. I’ve previously worked with other inexpensive hosting companies, where I had to wait weeks for them to respond. I’m happy with the high quality of hosting and awesome pricing. 🙂 The efficiency and responsiveness of their customer support is simply amazing.

Dairbek Iglikov

Friendly, fast support accompanies this fast, friendly service – though you’re unlikely to need it as the service has remarkably high uptime record. Good support for Perl, PHP and mySQL means there’s something for everyone, and at great prices too!

Viktor M.

Free hosting – is good … to start with, to try yourself as a webmaster, BUT… free Is NEVER completely free: you’ll either get a huge banner that breaks your design, or you’re required a certain amount of visits, and if you can’t provide what is required, your site gets closed, and in some cases your well established name gets passed on to another client… I’ve looked for a hosting company that suits me for six months!

And I found one!!! It’s AvaHost.net They have it all!!!

Inexpensive (not to be confused with cheap!) hosting plans, various payment plans and all the services that a webmaster needs, and the most important thing – a super awesome support service. If I write to them with a problem – I know for sure that they will answer immediately, correctly and with my best interest in mind.

At first, I paid for a month of hosting, but after a couple of answers from their customer support paid for another 2 months in advance and that’s because I didn’t have enough funds to pay for a full year. I plan on paying for a full year because it comes out cheaper than paying monthly and simply because I TRUST THESE GUYS!!!

George A.

It’ll be my pleasure to tell you guys that I really liked your service. I already wrote about this to the manager. However, I will be happy to repeat myself.
The first thing that I really liked was the speedy answers to my questions via email. The answers were really fast, within 5-30 min. and that’s taking in the fact that this was during the holidays. The second, is the speedy domain registration process. Within 2 days not only was it registered, but already online. I’ve registered domains with other hosting companies before and with them it took a week to have it fully registered.
I’m also very pleased that I can pay with Webmoney. I found the control panel for the site and email very easy to use.
And lastly the pricing. I’ve not seen such good value for the price anywhere else so far. If I do decide to register more domains it will be through you guys. I’d like to mention one other hosting company for comparison, that takes much more for his services ($13,8/mon.) and that’s for a service (that turned out to be way worse than yours) that they fail to provide, and they keep asking for more money. Also they don’t deal with their customers (me) properly, their customer support takes up to 2 weeks to respond to my issues. I’m very sad that I’ve paid them for upfront for 3 years. As soon as my subscription expires, I’m transferring all my domains here. In general, I’m very satisfied. Good luck and all the best to you.

Russell J.

AvaHost helped me a beginner to get my first site up. They took the time to answer my questions and have provided great service for this last year.

Thank you very much!

Jessica Sulaiman

I’m a reseller. I’d like to thank the company’s staff. I’ve been using their services for a while now, while earning some money! I’ve not had many problems, and when I did – they were right there to help me. Once again, thank you all. I’ll be glad to stay as a partner.


Avahost provides a friendly, fast and helpful service! In the past, I’ve dealt with a range of webhosting companies, and this is one of the best. I’ve found availability to be excellent, and the helpdesk is always quick to respond and always helpful. I heartily recommend Avahost to anyone looking for hosting services – from a single domain up to reseller.

Nick Wallingford